Three Unconventional Play Date Ideas in Fort Worth!

My son and I love shopping at Target, but after the cashiers start remembering your name, it’s sometimes best to change up your routine!  We love going to the following locations to escape boredom and have some fun!

  1. IKEA!  Ikea is a great place to take the kids because of Småland!  Småland is a play area that you can drop your kids off at for 60 minutes, free of charge!  As long as they are between the ages of 4 and 10 and are potty trained, they can play!  While they are playing, you can enjoy your shopping experience knowing your children are safe and cared for.   If you are an IKEA Family member, you can even relax and enjoy a FREE coffee in the cafeteria while your kids are having fun!ikea
  2. Mardel!  Mardel Christian Bookstore and Education Supplier is owned by Hobby Lobby and has a great selection of books, journals, wall hangings, jewelry and toys.  Their toy section has a train table for the kids to play on and quite the variety of Melissa and Doug products (our favorite!).  Enjoy a free coffee from the coffee station near the front door while watching your kids play with the trains!Mardel
  3. Hulen Mall!  The Hulen Mall recently unveiled a new play area in a storefront down the Sears wing.  Comfy benches and plenty of charging plugs are available so the kids can play while you recharge.  Kids can play memory games on a large wall screen or play on various playground equipment, including a tree-house, butterfly and caterpillar!Hulen Mall

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